I’m very happy to be typing this post from the fair city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. This is my third time here. I came to Amsterdam Dance Event, or ADE, in 2008 when I was preparing to put my music label together. The conference was very worthwhile and I learned a lot as well as meeting a lot of great people. Last summer I was in Berlin for a Flavor Group project and I took a train here to hang out with my good friend Sick Boy for a night. We wrote a track called “Sharp As A Knife” in my tiny hotel room at the time and we are talking to some very exciting labels now about a possible release.

This year my friend DK Watts of Bounce House Recordings, whom I did the “Still Got Love” remix for, told me if I came over he could sort me out with a couple of gigs so I decided to make the voyage. I made the decision too late to get a conference badge, but figured I would come and make the most of the experience anyway. I departed from SF on Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon, and happened to be on the same flight with Chris from Om Records, Mariesa from Liason Artists, and Rico from Essential Nightlife. I didn’t sleep on the flight at all, but instead watched 4 movies – Hangover 2, Green Lantern, Thor, and Arthur. Arrived in Amsterdam, got through customs with no problems and took the train to the central station. Made my way to DK’s place and settled down for a 3 hour nap – long enough to get a bit of rest but not so long that my sleep schedule was destroyed.

I woke up, rented a bike, and rolled with DK to meet with some peeps by the main conference. Then we went to some small label office for a networking party before returning to our HQ. Sick Boy hit me up on instant messenger and said he was right nearby so he came over and we ended up writing a track on his laptop. We then rolled out to Studio 80 to catch Black Asteroid, who rocked the party. I came back and got some rest, sleeping until 2 PM.

Yesterday I had a bunch of work to do promoting my debut solo EP that will be coming next month, and then Roy Davis Jr arrived here. I’m always amped to see Roy, so I rolled to his hotel on my rented bike. He told me some crazy stories from his career and I said he should write a book. He was staying right by the venue where Bart Bmore and Tommie Sunshine were doing the Secure Recordings party, so we went to say what’s up. Tommie was tearing it up, and Bart crushed it as well.

Great to see those guys, who are both inspirations and friends. Roy and I left the party at about 4 AM and then we just so happened to run into Ron Carroll who was running around with Lady D, Duane Harden and Cece Peniston. That was so much house music history in one place, it was pretty surreal. If you’re not familiar with these folks, google them. Roy and I grabbed a bite and called it quits, and I made it back at about 7. I roll in and there is a little afterparty, so I played some tunes for the folks here, considering it a warmup for tonight’s show. I’m excited to play here tonight and tomorrow, hopefully it will go off!