Embarrassingly, my own website is the last place I’m posting about this. I would love to tell you I’m so busy that I didn’t have time to post it here, but the fact of the matter is that I just forgot.

So, let me proudly introduce you to Sean Glass and Win Music. Baldman Sam, one of my best friends in the music business, introduced me to Sean via email last year and said he was someone I needed to meet. Sean lives in NY and I hit him up when I was traveling there last November but he was too busy to meet up. Fast forward to South By Southwest in March and my first night there I meet Sean. I dug his energy immediately and he invited me to come along to this house party he was DJing at. I left at 5:30 AM and it was still going strong with a bunch of techies (it was interactive week) going batshit to his tunes.

It turns out Sean and I were booked on a couple of shows together and we became friendly. There was definitely an epic night DJing in an actual crack house in Austin. I knew Sean was getting ready to launch a label and when I got home from SXSW I sent him some music. I knew I probably only had one shot so I sent him my very best tunes, fully mixed and mastered. We met up again when Sean came to the West Coast for Coachella and he told me he was down to release my tunes. It was clear to me from our conversations that Sean has a really good head on his shoulders and is quite forward-thinking about the music business. I had never really thought about signing to a label before but it seemed worth exploring.

As an artist, there’s no roadmap. You try a ton of stuff and hope something sticks. You constantly ask what’s next. You realize that what works today might be completely obsolete in 6 months or 2 years. But if you love what you’re doing and can’t bare the thought of doing anything else, you just keep going and refuse to let anything stop you. For labels it’s similarly an uncertain road and I appreciate that Win understands that.

In the 6 months since Win launched, my music has been released alongside 3 artists whom I have tremendous respect for – Duke Dumont, Tiga, and Etienne De Crecy. I saw their first release (Duke’s Need U 100%) climb to #1 on the Billboard chart. Threewise Media, whose chief Olyvia Salyer works very closely with Sean, got me way more press for my music than a huge PR house could have. Win has gotten me booked for one of NYC’s best clubs, a great party in San Francisco, Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, and a New Years’ gig that I will be announcing shortly. I don’t know exactly where things are going as the future hasn’t been written yet, but I’m very excited to be working with what is quickly becoming a powerhouse dance music company. Pay attention to these guys – they’re not only killing the game but will be throwing out the rulebook and reinventing it.