It’s always a big honor for me when an established and respected artist selects one of my tunes to play in their sets or put in their DJ mixes. So last night at 3 AM when I learned that Timewriter had opened his new mix with my rework of Matt Prehn’s “Still Got Love” I was very excited and couldn’t wait to share! Timewriter has been making dance music for over 15 years and has a deep discography of original works and remixes. He regularly tours the world DJing and you can learn more about him on his Facebook Page. His new Laidback Session mix is a blend of chill house, great for lounging in the sun or relaxing the mind. It is really cool hearing my remix in this context, slowed way down from the 135 BPM that I wrote it at. Without further adieu, here’s the mix. Thanks Timewriter, hats off!

Laidback Sessions Prt.12 mixed by The Timewriter September 2011 by The Timewriter