It’s hard to believe that it’s already one year since I packed up and moved to LA. I felt so ready to leave SF, as it seemed like I’d hit a ceiling there quite some time ago. At the same time it was scary…LA is by far the biggest city that’s been my home. I’ve decided not to name a bunch of names, cause there is enough name-dropping in this town. However, suffice to say I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped make this transition possible. I like to do everything myself and not rely on anyone, but I would be nowhere without all of the gracious introductions, doors being opened, and overall generosity of those around me. You know who you are. Thank you. Deeply.

Year One LA Highlights:

Lucking into one of the best living situations I’ve ever been in with an amazing room mate.

Riding down the PCH on my brand new scooter from SF to LA, having moved all my things down in a rented Enterprise cargo van 2 days before.

Arriving with no plan, no work lined up, very little money, just a few connections and a lot of hope.

Getting asked to DJ a dinner set a Supperclub because their current DJ was messing up, and subsequently playing nearly every Friday for 8 months. Being continually booked in The Writers Room since.

Playing the Versus party in Santa Monica right before it ended at Central Social Aid & Pleasure club.

Meeting a fellow vegan, sober DJ and becoming superfriends.

One on one yoga and amazing meals with a dear old friend.

So many beautiful hikes.

Getting brought out to Sundance and meeting incredible people.

Experiencing Electric Daisy Carnival & Tommie Sunshine’s wedding.

Somehow making my bills every month on so many last minute lark gigs.

Being hit on by more married/engaged women than I can count, and falling in love with one of them.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with talented and inspiring artists.

Completing an artist EP and getting signed to a great label after SXSW.

Gorgeous rooftop pool parties at The Thompson Beverly Hills.

Meeting tons of people who are famous in their world whom I have no clue about.

Meeting tons of other people who are real. Wasn’t expecting that.

Beautiful days at Disneyland.

4th of July fireworks over the ocean from a private beach in Malibu.

Sometimes I guess it pays to throw caution to the wind. Xo